97+ Million Page Views in 2013!
2013 Sturgis.com Traffic

Yes! That's PAGE VIEWS and NOT hits*!

Sturgis.com offers effective advertising for your business at very affordable prices.
Reach a highly targeted market - Younger to Middle Age, Upper Income and Upper Educational bracket!
Sturgis.com was the first Sturgis Rally related website on the Internet. Today, this site receives a huge amount of internet traffic by motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world. Your banner ad (which is linked to your website) will be seen repeatedly on our webpages. This site consistes of over 60,000 pages! Not only will this bring direct traffic to your site, but your Name and Brand recognition will be considerably enhanced for a long time to come!

What pages is my banner placed on?
We use a banner rotation system where each page shows one (1) banner. The rotation system simply places the next banner in the "queue" on each successive page as they are requested. This way your banner does not "compete" with other banners on the same page and you get your "share" of all the page views. The vast majority of pages on this site allow for 1 banner ad.

How much does it cost?
Banners run $150/month ($200 for the month of August) with a 3 month minimum.

How often will my banner be shown?
This partly depends upon how busy the site is during any specific month and how many banners are in the banner queue. On average we display over 3.6 million banners per month! If there are 12 banners in the queue, then each banner would be displayed over 375,000 times! That's only $0.41 per 1000 impressions and even less during busier months!

What kind of traffic will this bring to my website?
Well designed banners preform better than poorly designed banners, but on average, our banner ad customers receive almost 1% (one percent) click-through rate! Industry average is below .5% (1/2 percent). Some banners have gone as high as 3.9% click-through rate! We can help you design your banner if needed, and we can also provide space for a 1 page website if you need or desire.

Advertise in our Rally NewsLetter:
Sturgis.com maintains a opt-in Rally newletter. Currently there are over 20,000 addresses on the Sturgis.com e-mail subscription list and growing every day. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason we deem fit.
Your short paragraph will be included for only $450 per newsletter. Our mail list is NOT for sale, don't ask! WE DO NOT SHARE the addresses with any outside party, EVER!
NO Porn or Adult-oriented banners or websites accepted. We do not accept porn, XXX, adult-oriented or "warez" type of website advertising. Your site must be related to motorcycling and or bikers in general.

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Hits Verses Page Views: Website Server Logs record every file called from it's websites pages as a "hit".
Example: If a whole website consisted of only 1 page and that 1 page has 3 pictures on it, then the server actually records 4 "hits" everytime the page is viewed. There is 1 hit for the page itself, and 1 hit for each of the 3 pictures, for a total of 4 hits.
Therefor "hits" is not a good measure or indication of actual traffic... Page Views is a much more realistic picture of how busy a website actually is. If you're wondering about "hits"... this site has done over 424 Million "hits" over the last 12 months.